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NEW! Ferox Pine Litter

"I feed Ferox Raw Goat’s Milk with Savannah Instinct, there is ZERO cat smells in the house!”

Sam R. from Sedona

"My dogs love Ferox! Rigby and Tala are so much happier and healthier, I recommend Ferox to every pet owner !"

Stephanie J. from Mesa

"Luna really enjoys Ferox's Sirius Instinct. We've noticed a younger-looking, more playful pet!!"

Adam P. from Flagstaff

"Mousey currently eats Ferox and has been for months. She won't stop making noises when I grab the bag, she loves it !"

Robert M. from Prescott

"Since switching my two huskies to Ferox, they have never been happier!“

Sedna O. from Scottsdale

Join Today

♥️heal thy pet

DIY Meal Prep


🌼 Holistic Feeding

🍖 Species Appropriate

♻️ Sustainably Sourced 

👩‍🌾 Organic Farm Fresh

🐺 True Ancestral Diet

Raw Goat's Milk

👊🏻 Histamine Blocker

🌎 100% Bio-Available

🧬 Over 200 Probiotics

😻 Organic Taurine Source

🚀 Boosts Digestive Systems


Almighty Diet

♥️Arizona Exotic Proteins

♥️ Edible Bone 

♥️ Nutrient-dense Liver & Offals

♥️ Fermented Veggies, Fresh Berries & Sprouted Seeds

♥️ Raw Goat's Milk, Kelp Powder, Nutritional Yeast + Bone Broth

🐶 Glucosamine And Chondroitin For Healthy Hips And Joints


Profoundly Keen

♥️ Arizona Exotic Proteins, Chicken Hearts, Salmon & Pasture-Raised Eggs 

♥️ Edible Bone

♥️ Nutrient-dense Liver & Offals

♥️ Fermented Raw Goat's Whey, Kelp Powder & Nutritional Yeast

🥇 Well Exceeding AAFCO standards


Ferox #1 Brand on Pet Nutrition

Based on National Research Council's, "Nutrient Requirements of Dogs and Cats". The Gold Standard in Pet Care and Food Metabolism.