Can Ginger Help My Dogs Alleviate Car Sickness?

Some of our dogs unfortunately get car sick. All we wanted to do was go for a fun, wild adventure at our favorite dog-friendly spot, but ended up with a sick pup and not knowing where to start with the mess in the back seat. To save face and everybody the unwanted stress, not to mention the “present” your pup left behind from an upset tummy, we can actually use ginger, in small doses, to help our canine friends with their motion sickness! Taking our “boofing buddies” to dog friendly places or hiking trails is one of the best parts of being a dog owner; they make the best running partners and beautiful view companions! (Don't forget to bring the poop bags!) Best of all, if you already feed Ferox, ginger powder is already a standard ingredient in our raw+fermented food for dogs!

Ginger for our Boofing Buddies

Ginger has been both used in Chinese and holistic medicine for centuries, aiding and helping both animals and people with various ailments. Today, as more of us look at alternatives to “harmful” pharmaceuticals, we are once again returning to the age old remedies-- and for good reason too! Simply put, these ancient remedies has stood the ultimate test… the magic of time. Ginger is great not only for it’s powerful medicinal properties, but it’s also widely available in a variety of forms; from the root we see in grocery stores and asian markets, to pickled, fermented, juiced, powdered and even in pills! Additionally, if you search, you may even find ginger in concentrated oils. Ginger is very closely related to turmeric, but let’s save that for another Ferox Answers! 

Caution, Ginger is very Powerful, use Gingerly!!

Please advise if your dog is pregnant, use ginger with extreme caution, and only use in minimal amounts if at all. Additionally, Ferox suggests not to use or feed ginger if: your animal Is lactating; Has a bleeding disorder or is on anticoagulants; Or has a heart condition. Ginger may increase risk of bleeding - i.e. during labor or in the case of bleeding disorders; Ginger may lower blood sugar levels. If your dog or cat has diabetes, his/her medications may have to be adjusted. Stop use of ginger two weeks prior to schedules surgery to avoid complications of blood sugar management during surgery. High doses of ginger can worsen some heart conditions - consult with your veterinarian before adding ginger to the diet.

Why does Ginger work for car sickness with my dog?

Ginger (Zingiber officinal) contains many volatile oils (sesquiterpenes) and aromatic ketones (gingerols). Gingerols are believed to be the more pharmacologically active constituents of ginger. Ginger can mitigate the unwanted side effects associated with chemotherapy, like nausea, while battling cancer, and most recent studies have shown it protects neurotransmitters in the brain. It also assists the body in regulating blood sugar levels, managing diabetes, decrease the risk of heart disease, and treat symptoms associated with heartworm. Including a wide range of gastrointestinal issues; from gas to indigestion, and can even help to prevent bloat in large breed dogs. OH! We can't forget about gingers numerous antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. These anti-inflammatory benefits have been shown to reduce pain and swelling associated with osteoarthritis, and there is evidence that ginger eases muscle soreness after workouts and speeds muscle recovery. This may help our working dogs and canine athletes recover faster from intense workouts or exercise and may help our older dogs stay more active as they age.

Have you ever tried Ginger for this problem that has plagued many owners and pups alike? Tell us your experience below! 

Dogs Naturally Magazine published an article that provides a ginger dosing scale for dogs

Dog's Naturally Magazine Ginger Chart

Just like any supplement, before adding anything new to your pets diet, consult your veterinarian about your pet’s needs, and don't forget to ask about Ferox in your holistic veterinarians office at your next visit!


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  • I have not thought about ginger but next time will add a little powder to his water before I take my golden for a ride! 😄

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