Can I Use Manuka Honey to Heal My Pet?

Can I Use Manuka Honey to Heal My Pet? Or Manuka Honey, is it Magical for Pets?

Written by: Shelby Archuleta-Nickle

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Magic Manuka, as we like to call it, is one of those things, recently that’s becoming popular for people, as well as for our loving pets, but why, and what makes this particular honey so special?! 

Ferox answers these ferocious questions with these facts, sourced below. Bees harvest pollen and nectar from the beautiful pink and white flowers that grow on the mānuka bush, native to New Zealand and parts of Australia. These flowers only bloom for about two months and contain two special compounds that give it medicinal powers! Methylglyoxal (MGO), the most prominent compound that gives all honey antibacterial properties and Dihydroxyacetone (DHA), which is found in high concentrations within Manuka flowers. The DHA can be also be found in other places in nature.. like green lipped mussels, fish oil, and even in breast milk! Yum! But let’s save that for another Ferox answers! After the Manuka honey is harvested, it is held in a temperature controlled storage at 22 degrees celsius, that's about 71 degrees Fahrenheit, for 2 to 4 years! This maturing process is critical, DHA transforms itself into MGO with the help of amino acids. This higher concentration is what gives the Manuka Honey its natural antibiotic, antimicrobial, antiseptic and antifungal effects!

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Lucy the little bull asks, “What in the “BOOF” is UMF?!”

Simply put, UMF on the label means “Unique Manuka Factor.” Because of the honey's medicinal properties the producers came up with a scale to rate the honey based on how much MGO that batch of honey has. The higher the MGO potency, the higher UMF rating the honey receives. The minimum rating for Manuka Honey to have medicinal properties is 10 UMF, however you can purchase honey with 20+UMF. Most companies will have the MGO potency on the label as well as the UMF rating.

Manuka Honey is pretty magical when you think about it; not many substances can do quite what Manuka Honey can. It’s a great addition to any standard first aid kit for use in lieu of synthetic burn salves, topical wound ointments, and antibiotics. You can apply it to minor abrasions and burns, rid yeast infections on the skin, and help prevent injuries from becoming infected. Manuka Honey can be used orally to help aid in digestion, help rebuild and protect gut biome, and even treat bacterial infections in the mouth and throat. Manuka Honey earns the right to call itself magical in our book. So in short, yes you can use Manuka Honey to help heal your pet! So next time a minor infection starts to be present, or you want to boost your pets immune system, consider adding Magical Manuka to your pets diet, it could save their life!

Love this article? Tell us your experience with magical manuka, common uses or even funny stories you have encountered with your pets! We love to hear and share stories with our community. 

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Hi my cat has a severe case off gingivitis stomatitis and had various teeth extracted and huge amount of drugs so far but nothing is healing it completely. I have used all types of honey to heal wounds on humans including Manuka honey. Has anyone tried giving it orally to a cat, if so did it heal the inflammation in the mouth?


Great article! Beautifully written

Sally Healer

I was just reading how manuka honey is a great holistic way to heal our pets. My cat just had a cyst that was ruptured, and it pierced through the skin, spilling all the water and juices out onto his fur and the carpet! We cleaned and trimmed up the fur, added iodine to clean it, then added manuka honey all over the open wound to help seal and provide a protective antimicrobial, antiseptic band-aide, and then wrapped the entire wound a few times. Without manuka honey, I would of spent over $600 at the vet, losing time, money, and added worry to the bill!!

Elaine Palmer

Great article! Sounds like a great thing to have at home for me and my girls! Thanks for all the information!

Jackie Ferox

Amazing article Shelby! We even put manuka honey inside our food! Pets love the taste and we love the properties!

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