What Foods Help Kill Parasites or Prevent Worms For My Dog or Cat?

What are foods help kill parasites or prevent reinfestation holistic dewormers for my dog or cat?

Ferox answers this common question. The best way to prevent parasites is by having a great immune system. If you feed a 50% or more kibble diet, with no fermented, or probiotics, chances are your pet has a deficiency in healthy gut biome. This is because feeding a heat processed meal, kills all the healthy live enzymes. Feeding your animal “dead” food, removes their healthy gut bacteria, making it that much easier for worms or parasites to stay in their body, and grow! 

If you feed kibble for years, imagine how much healthy gut biome has been removed!? Now if you suspect or want holistic preventative medicine to help your cat or dog, here are great ways to help!

Adding “flat” parsley to your dog or cat’s diet for deworming is a natural way to clean your pet’s crawling problem. Parsley contains Vitamin C which is helpful for the intestinal walls, as they can be inflamed from parasites adhering to the intestinal walls. Parsley is also an excellent overall immune system booster, and contains volatile oils which have been shown to inhibit tumor formation.

Garlic! But not for Cats or puppies. Garlic (in small doses based on weight and caloric intake) has been shown to be beneficial in preventing and treating the parasite GIARDIA. Garlic has been proven to be an effective holistic treatment to allopathic intervention such as ivermectin, a pesticide based preventative.

Did someone call our company a fruit? Papaya fruit and seeds - are one of the best holistic enzymes which aid digestion, and help irritate and destroy those worms! One teaspoon to one tablespoon depending on the size will work wonders in your pet’s bowl.

How about some Turmeric! Naturally contains four antiparasitic compounds, which collectively have strong worm killing properties. Take that science! This can be given to cats, dogs, and puppies, oh my! Don’t forget to add a dash of black pepper to help absorption of the curcumin.

Diatomaceous Earth. Whodawhat? This secret food-grade supplement helps irritate the external surface of the worms, cause the worms to lose hold on the intestinal lining. This should NOT be used on a daily use, for an extended period of time. Only use when necessary, for example, maximum 10- 14 days.

Trick or treat!! Raw Pumpkin Seeds, provide antimicrobial, antioxidant and nutrient support. They are a natural, holistic dewormer, and is also an anticarcinogen. Just grind raw pumpkin seeds into a fine powder and feed! 

When providing holistic remedies, always consult with your pet health professional for complete analysis and suggested feeding amounts! You don’t want to give an entire bowl of ground raw pumpkin seeds, just because in moderate doses it may help. Always exercise sound judgement when feeding your pet at home.

Did we miss any of your favorites? Post them below and tell the world you best holistic practices.

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Rebecca Johnson

We have raw pumpkin seeds available we are going incorporate now from reading this article, parsley too. Our vet wants to do a worming test but I prefer the holistic route and strengthening his immune system from the inside.

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