Which bones are safe?

It is imporatant to note, Ferox advises to always supervise your pet while feeding raw bones. Depending on the size of your cat or dog; Pets under 25 lbs can chew chicken necks, chicken wings, chicken feet safely. Rabbit bones are also safe, as well as small game birds such as quail. 

For dogs over 25 lbs, duck and turkey bones and necks make great chews. Many dogs enjoy the duck heads because of the eyes, brain, and micronutrients they get from these tiny organs!

Which bones require the most supervision?

Largee bones such as beef joints, knuckles, ribs with meat are fine as recreational chews, and great for mental stimulation, but make sure your dog doesn't try to eat these bones! These bones are very tough and can crack their teeth if you're not careful.

Which bones are unsafe for my cat or dog?

Cooked bones splinter, and can cause intestinal damage and discomfort. When in doubt, feed raw.

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