50% Off Ferox Raw Organic Pet Food Sale This Week Only!

When it comes to giving your dog and cat the best foods pawsible , Ferox is the #1 choice. It's true! Ferox has the best raw food diet in Arizona. That's because we spent 5 years purrfecting our formulas, curating from trusted local farms, and had our formuals peer-reviewed by veterinarians, nutritionists, and expert dog trainers. 

Not only does Ferox offer the best organic raw pet food, Ferox is also the raw food supplier, and the manufacturer. Added to the fact that we offer our famous formula's direct to the consumer, we simply save you money! 

Other top raw pet food brands have quality recipes too. Answers Pet Food is a company we respect, and that Ferox will be the first to say that Answers is a quality brand, providing a quality product. BJs raw pet food is another popular choice among the Raw Pet Food community, which offers a wide selection of raw pet food to supplement and has been in business for years so people really trust their consistency. Miami Raw is a pet food company that has really taken off, and provides a simple, easy to understand website, and a quality section of raw food and treats for your dog to eat quality raw food at home. They also ship very fast, and people, especially in Florida swear by them. Finally, Darwin's is a raw pet food company that we are listing that also provides raw meat for dogs and raw meat for cats with their own formulas.  

All of these companies are navigating this new raw pet food space, and as a member of the raw pet food community, Ferox respects these companies and their loyal customer base. At the same time, we are the new pups on the block, and we truly feel we have a superior product that outshines these popular raw pet food brands. We are confident when you buy Ferox, you will be a customer for life. To celebrate our introduction into the raw pet food space, we are offering 50% off all orders over $35! Answers, BJs, Miami Raw and Darwins are quality products, but if you live in Arizona, California, Las Vegas, Colorado, Utah or New Mexico, Ferox is the most obvious and closest raw pet food company that is just as good as these brands, if not better.

Our 50% off sale won't last soon, so order today! Your cat-tastic discount will automatically be provided at checkout, so check-meowt. Give your dog and cat what they were born to eat, Ferox! Where we put Love in Every Bite!




The heart shapes are sooo cute :3

Roberts Rescue

We have a rescue in Phoenix, and found Ferox through a business network. We just bought a large order from them last week, and they delivered within a few days. We are very excited because 2 of our pups that we decided to keep from our rescue recently have cancer, and we really hope Ferox’s formula’s can help put the cancer in remission before it’s too late. Before, as a rescue, we feed mainly kibble, and since this we look forward to feeding raw from now on.


We are looking for a new raw pet food company, and we found Ferox from a local rescue and breeder in Arizona. We were using a local coop, but recently we wanted something better. Excited to start feeding Ferox.

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