Bio-preservation Key to Ferox Campaign "Wildly Safe."

Ferox is wildly safe

But not all pet foods are created equal. Which begs the first question.

Is raw pet food safe?

Raw pet food is safe when prepared, stored, and thawed correctly. Here’s how Ferox and you will ensure product safety in our organic raw pet food.

Sourcing sustainable food from local-trusted sources, pasture-raised food is the first step to providing quality and ensuring product safety. Nothing you do after this first-step can make-up for subpar ingredients.

Preparing your station, Ferox’s sanitation of the area before and after is important, and since Ferox is a green-company, zero-waste, we use and suggest vinegar, soap and water.

Preparing batches. Biopreservation is the use of natural or controlled microbiota or antimicrobials as a way of preserving food and extending its shelf life. Fermentation is the biopreservation of food, inhibitory to food spoilage microbes. This method is perfect for raw pet food now because it has been practiced since early ages. Practiced at first unconsciously... but eventually with more and more robust scientific foundation. Beneficial bacteria or the fermentation products produced by these bacteria are used in biopreservation to control spoilage and render pathogens inactive in food.

Storing batches. Ferox freezes as a solution. We deep-freeze all recipes for a minimum of 72 hours to ensure healthy food that will stay cold when being delivered. Ferox adds safety by preserving each serving in a vacuum sealed vessel, so the fermentation and bio-preservation can sustain.

Thawing batches. Ferox also uses bacteriophages to protect and destroy any salmonella or listeria that may be present. Bacteriophages (Greek for 'bacteria eater'), or simply phages, are viruses which infect bacteria. Ferox’s fermentation and phage process also protects when thawing Ferox to feed to your pet. You see, once our food hits 42 degrees Fahrenheit, our phages get into action, and go to work!  Keeping Ferox product safe, protected, and delicious! You call it thawing, Ferox calls it heartwarming. 

Who is credited for all this knowledge? The absolute modern pinnacle of food preservation is awarded to Louis Pasteur. If this article interests you, we suggest to research more. Louis Pasteur is provided credit for a vast series of experiments finally proving biogenesis over “spontaneous generation”. Louis Pasteur is the father of fermentation, pasteurization and vaccines. That along with a new detailed study of fermentation, now called “zymology”. This work may not have been possible without Louis Pasteur’s life-long career in science and chemistry.

Now that is wild! With all this, we yet again ask.

Is Raw Pet Food Safe?

Yes. When you prepare, store and thaw all components correctly.

Woof! That’s why Ferox is wildly safe! Give your pet what they were born to eat! Ferox! 


Terror of Terrier

Meat science ! love it! Ferox is wildly safe. Reminds me of steve jobs back in the day


Very well said! Thank you for getting into detail with raw safety!

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