Ferox Celebrates Equal Love in Every Bite

When Ferox set out to be a pet company for loving owners, we had one thing in mind. Share what we know with everyone, and take feedback so one can improve. This mantra works and that’s why Ferox Inc supports Pride Month. Ferox is choosing to celebrate this lovely moment in Flagstaff, Arizona. Woof woof! It’s not just Ferox leading the pack. The entire dark-sky city is coming out of the dark, to celebrate Pride in the Pines, on Saturday. June 22nd, 2019.

To commemorate, Ferox has manufactured, limited edition Pride bandanas, bows, and pet collars for Flagstaff’s cutest and most sassy pets. These must-have accessories are currently available for donation. We will be raising awareness for Helping Paws Foundation, an organization that supports all pets in need.

Ferox looks forward to seeing everyone and their pet, celebrating their best. Now that’s equal love in every bite.




Jen and Bud

Me and my pup are heading there too! 🏳️‍🌈

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