Ferox Just Launched Exclusive Membership “Ferox Rawards”.

Starting today, Arizona pet owners can login to myferox.com and take advantage of their new Rawards program, says Jacqueline Rodriguez, the company’s owner and Lead Food Scientist. “Since starting Ferox and educating pets and owners on correct nutrition, many are sold on the idea, but also want to make sure it works for them financially.” Added the savvy entrepreneur. 

Ferox Rawards is the NEW loyalty program that rewards you for having healthy pets! Now you can earn 10% back on EVERY Ferox purchase, and more! Hurry! This exclusive membership is only available to the first 100 accounts, so enroll today!

“Ferox is a company that gives your pets a voice, when they typically don’t have one.” Jacqueline reminds people. “The pet food industry is mainly what the owner wants to buy because of a brand, and not what the pets need because of nutrition.” Ferox is a brand that educated pet owners, and gives them reliable advice on nutrition. But again, most people want to know what it’s going cost their 55lb dog to switch to Ferox, and if that cost will break the bank.

Now, for the first 100 people, we are giving away 100 free memberships to Ferox. This membership is normally $29.95 a year, but the fee is waived for the first wave of loving pet owners. With Ferox Rawards, you receive 10% back on all Ferox purchases, plus earn rawards when you share Ferox on social media, or review our website directly. Not to mention, you receive rawards just for signing up! 

As of print, over 12 customers have already signed-up for Ferox Rawards, and the company expects the loyalty program to reach full capacity by the end of the week. "They are doing things no other raw or pet company is doing in Arizona", exclaimed Judy Smith, a loyal customer of Ferox. "I like their brand, and they just really speak to the soul of pets and owners, I won't choose anybody else besides Ferox."

Signup for Ferox Rawards, by clicking the icon on the bottom right of the home screen. If you have made purchases prior to signing-up, the system is managed so your purchases will be honored by Ferox.

Give your cat and dog what they are born to eat.

Ferox! Wildly Safe.


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