Ferox Launched Online Label Contest for One "Lucky Dog".

The cat’s out of the bag! People who love their pets, also know they love taking photos of their furry little creatures. One Flagstaff pet food company, Ferox Inc, used that information to help launch their business. Just this April, Ferox posted a viral thread on the social media network, Facebook, and within a week, had over 100 pet submissions of Flagstaff’s finest. Why would these owners submit such photos so easily online? Well if you ask Miguel Guzman, the winner of the contest, “Ferox launched an interesting and unique contest that enticed all of Flagstaff to enter for a chance for your pet to have their photo on millions of Ferox dog food bags nationwide. For some, it was a chance of a lifetime.” 

Miguel is right that showcasing your best-friend on national media skyrockets them to doggy heaven. If you ask Jacqueline Rodriguez, owner of Ferox, “Having your pet on the cover of a food line is rare. Many people may remember “Morris the Cat” from 9 lives Cat Food, or “Spuds Mackenzie” from Budweiser Beer, this opportunity gives Flagstaff it’s moment in history”.

Flagstaff is a dog friendly town, and Ferox isn’t just ending it’s “leash on life” with the contest. Ferox plans on incorporating even more ideas into the city. They are finalizing a Launch event downtown at a dog-friendly bar that is soon to be announced, linked to a pet adoption event with the humane society and various rescue organizations. During the event, they will be providing pet photo studio, arts and crafts, and even free boxes of their pet food line. Whether it’s meeting new doggy friends in Flagstaff, or taking a mid-afternoon cat-nap, Ferox is ensuring friendship between pets and owners last as long as pawsible.

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