Ferox Saves 1 million Pets with New Ferox Nutritional Report

With the growing response with the market in and around Flagstaff, Scottsdale, Prescott and Sedona, many pet parents are looking for grain-free cat and dog food in Arizona.

If youre like most, you will buy a bag of grain-free kibble, then slowly introduce raw or cooked meals at home. This behavior is normal for proud owners to share food with their loving pets, because they are so cute and they beg.

However, feeding a set home-based meal at home for your pet is unbalanced, and continuous feeding patterns will do just as much harm as feeding commercial pet food in a bag. Deficiencies and over-supplementing can cause diseases and even cell mutations which lead to cancer.

Ferox is dedicated to pet owners and their pursuit to prepare home meals for dogs and cats, that Ferox is now introducing the new “Ferox Nutritional Report” that plugs you directly with an nutritional expert, who will give you a complete nutritional analysis of your recipe! In addition Ferox will fix the deficiencies and abundance to give you the best ratios, individualized for your doggo or catto, all in the correct portion size for their breed, caloric intake and age.

So that means you call Ferox toll-free 1-888-MY-FEROX and ask to speak with a nutritional expert. Feeding a raw or cooked meal at home is your choice, but make sure it’s balanced for your dog or cat at home!





What if you feed kibble and supplement with raw?

what if you just feed a prey model raw diet (80:10:10) or Barf diet (70:10:10:10) …? I thought those balanced diets? Can I call with my recipe and youll tell me if its balanced? Do you balance by AAFCO or NRC standards?

wow I have to call you guys tomorrow because demos needs to have his recipe I make for him verified, and I didn’t know you could do that. Currently making cooked chicken, rice, with some veggies and supplements. Really excited to see what I’m actually providing nutritionally for him

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