FEROX Science of Raw Pet Food at Natural Grocers

What do you get when you combine Natural Grocers and Ferox in Arizona? The best free classes on how and why to feed your dogs or cat raw at home. If you missed the Sedona event this past Saturday, Ferox will be at Scottsdale Natural Grocers in November!

raw feeding, dog bowl, raw food plate, ferox

🐓Whole Organic Chicken w/giblets

🐷Pork Belly

🐙Oysters [canned, not smoked]

🐬Sardines [canned, in water]

🌱Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds + Sunflower Seeds

🍇Organic Fresh Blackberries

🥚Pasture Raised Organic Eggs

🥬Raw+Fermented Cabbage and Beets

🍖Chicken Liver

💚Chicken Heart


 +Organic Supplements

🍄Fermented Mushroom Complex

🥛Goat’s Milk [optional]

🧠Kelp Powder



🍁CBD [optional]

☑️ Vitamin E Oil Complex


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