Cost To Switch My Pet To Raw?

Ferox’s value, far exceeds any pet company on the market today. It's true! Ferox saves you thousands of dollars every year in Veterinary bills and Ferox saves you thousands of hours each year in Vet appointments.

How does Ferox save me money in Vet bills?

90% of all health problems derived from the gut. Unless your kitty or pup breaks a bone, you won’t have to go to the Vet, because their body and digestive system will be working harmoniously with itself.

Do Veterinarians Promote Raw Diets?

Veterinarians are taught in schools to be against raw diets. 

How much does it cost to feed my cat Ferox Organic cat food? 

Most cats, cost $1.50 a day to feed Ferox raw to cats.

How much does it cost to feed my dog Ferox Organic dog food?

Most dogs, cost $4.00 a day to feed Ferox raw to dogs.

Most owners pay for “Dental Visits”. Ferox knows this that eating a balanced raw, better yet, eating Ferox eliminates dental visits. Plaque is caused mostly by kibble and cooked foods. You would think since kibble is "hard" is scrapes off gunk, but trust us, Kibble causes gunk and decay on pets teeth. Eating Ferox, and starting your pet on Ferox early, will eliminate these costly visits.

Most owners pay for Itchy coat, Itchy Ear problems. Ferox also knows this common and irritable problem is caused by cooked foods and kibble. According to to Ferox based on “Pottengers Cat”, feeding your pet a cooked diet could be killing them from the inside out. This cooked food has no live enzymes, as they are cooked out, with only synthetic vitamin replacements that don’t have the save bio-availability as organic vitamins.  

Most owners pay and suffer for pet diseases like thyroid, kidney, tumors, etc.This is another result from cooked foods. The processing of cooked foods is giving your pet these problems. It’s true! For example, thyroid issues are common, especially in dogs, and this issue simply derives from lack of iodine. Research yourself, and you’ll see in standard cooked pet food, their is NO IODINE listed, nor required, so companies don’t care to add this extremely important mineral. Iodine deficiency is prevailing in humans too, causing retardation is children if not adequately provided. Again, a true raw diet or better, Ferox, has organic Iodine, and sufficient amounts, guided by NRC standards. Ferox also has properties in their pet food ingredients things you’ll never hear of in mainstream diets, things like “superoxide dismutase”. We add organic foods that have superoxide dismutase properties, these are foods that are basically super anti-oxidants. So everytime our recipes and process are examined and peer-reviewed, Ferox always wants a clear and polished product that demands no questions to what is being provided.


How much are you spending on cooked foods?

If you are the average consumer, this means you are spending an average of $49 a month on cooked foods. Why throw money away with lost nutrients, when you can feed raw+fermented? Double.. no! Quadruple the power of cooked diets, if not much more. Ferox is a zero-emissions, green friendly company. We don’t place harmful chemicals into the air with our recipes.

Does your cats create allergies and is the litter box horrendous? With Ferox Organic cat food, there are no cat smells in the house. This species-appropriate diet ensures the ancestral diet they have been needing for years.

How much are you wasting each month buying fake “grain-free” kibble, which very much still has grains!

What ever the monetary cost, it’s way too much (and whey too little). Ferox is pennies a day, for preventative medicine. Sourced in Flagstaff, Arizona from local trusted farms. You can’t buy this type of compassion, care and quality at a local supermarket. But you can buy it directly at

With our vast courier network, we will package and deliver your kitty’s new favorite food, and send it to you the very next day! We love being an Arizona company, and love all our customers in Williams, Page, Sedona, Prescott, Cornville, Scottsdale, Chandler, Mesa, Surprise, Tucson, Kingman, and more! 

Plus Now with Ferox Rawards, you get even more, thanks to our 10% back! Paws down, Ferox is the #1 brand on pet nutrition. We go off standards much higher than the currently accepted minimums in North America. We go off the “NRC” standard, and also research how Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and other countries are doing, and what they are learning from a raw diet. What we are saying is we always keep improving, and okay is never good enough for us, and shouldn't be okay for you either.

Give your cats and dogs what they are born to eat, Ferox! Wildly Safe!





So cooked food is bad? In school they tell us that bacteria can spread by giving raw food to pets. Is this true?

Rosa and Ruby

wow viva great article. what standards are set in new Zealand? that was very interesting to me!

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