National Grocery Chain Teams Up With Ferox To Educate Pet Owners

Chances are, you either have a pet in Wagstaff, or know someone that does. That’s because 62% of Flagstaff residents have at least one pet in their household, and coincidentally, 100% of them want their best-friends living long, and healthy lives. Increasingly, this means more and more pet owners in Arizona, including Belinda Holmes, General Manager at Natural Grocers, are making local trips to grocery stores, just to feed their pet raw food—despite recent warnings and potential risks. And Belinda isn’t alone, the frozen raw food trend is smoking hot, both locally and nationally. Large brand names like PetCo announced plans to test the response from making and selling their own in-house raw food at their flagship store in New York with the help of Just Food For Dogs. This shift in the industry is no surprise to Natural Grocers General Manager Belinda. “We knew about this change in consumer behavior regarding pet’s and their diet. We wanted the right person or company to work with [Natural Grocers] to teach the raw food class, which is why I’m very excited Ferox Pet Food answered the calling.” Natural Grocers, a top 20 company based on growth, according to a recent article published in USA Today, wanted Ferox Inc., Flagstaff’s newest pet-friendly company, to hold the class teaching conscious consumers, exactly how to source raw food from their store, and how to properly formulate the precise blend every time. “Most pet owners who hear of the raw diet, will wait upwards of one year just to make sure they learn everything, before providing this special diet to their companions” says Jacqueline Rodriguez, whom has a steak in the class. Jacqueline, the knowledgeable Lead Food Scientist at Ferox whom created the formula and is teaching the class this Friday. “It’s simple instruction, but it took me 2 years to feel comfortable, and countless hours speaking to other experts in the field, so I could learn as much as I could, and have the confidence to teach others.

Everyone is cordially invited to come and support this popular class; best of all, the class is open and free to the public! During the class, Ferox Pet Food will educate on kitchen safety, responsible sourcing, pet nutrition, and preparing meal percentages to ensure the exact nutrients ratios are perfect, inside their very own patent-pending formula. That’s not all folks, they have not forgotten our feline friends at home. This popular class is designed to benefit both dogs and cats owners to learn, research, and then apply Ferox’s lesson on raw diet for pets at home. “Not so easy”, Jacqueline Rodriguez warns, “Bring a notepad on Friday, because with this opportunity, what I’m showing you is rare, and I’m not just talking about the lamb meat.” All jokes aside, Ferox’s knowledge can save you and your family, thousands of dollars in pet associated costs, just by switching to raw food.

The upcoming class, appropriately titled, Love in Every Bite is free and open to the public, set for Friday June 7th from 6:00 pm to 7:30 at Natural Grocers, which is located at 503 Clay Avenue in Flagstaff. Also, because of high-demand, class space is limited, so reserve your spot now by calling Ferox at 1-888-MY-FEROX, and tell them you wanna learn about this revolutionary diet for pets.

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