Pottenger's Cat. Raw v Cooked Diets

Pottenger asked, does the cooking process somehow render food nutritionally deficient? And does this removing of nutrients cause physiological degeneration.


Pottenger's Cats, with 900 cats over a period of 10 years, ate cooked meat, raw milk, organs, bone and cod liver oil, at first, the cat seemed very healthy, but then Pottenger noticed the mortality rate was unusually high. According to all standards, this seemed to be optimal nutrients requirements from a qualified diet. He standardized adrenal gland extracts. The cats choose study where in perfect health.

Pottenger took on this experiment to prove Tuberculosis is linked to adrenal gland deficiency.

Then Pottenger replaced cooked meat, with raw meat, organs, bone and cod liver oil, and the mortality rate dropped. Within a short amount of time, the raw meat fed cats survived the adrenal octamy, and went on to live very healthy and superior quality of life.

Pottenger found a new paradigm in cat nutrition. Raw meat and Raw milk improves dental health, coordination, and overall energy.

Not only that, when breeding and feeding raw meat fed cats for multiple generations, these offsprings develop stronger and we also larger in size. At 16 weeks, the 2nd generation raw meat cat weighs 2,000 grams, while the 2nd generation cooked meat fed cat weighs only 1,600 grams. This is about 30% less! Even studying the bone structure of deceased cats who were fed raw, the zygomatic arch is strong and was a full round structure, sinuses were complete, and the calcium in the skeleton ranged from 12% to 17%. The skulls of raw meat fed cats, are healthy and complete.

Again, Pottenger found a new paradigm in cat nutrition. Raw meat and Raw milk improves dental health, coordination, and overall energy.

Pottenger’s Cat also found feeding cooked meat diets produced the following.

  • Decrease Coordination
  • Decreased Activity
  • Developed Tooth Decay
  • Poor Self-Defense
  • Impaired Balance
  • Hyperactive Syndrome
  • Loss of Sheen

Back to the zygomatic arch. The skulls and skeletons of cats who are fed cooked meat diets, their skull begins to flatten, and are much smaller in size, and their bone development was at only 3%. 

When these cats, who were fed cooked meat diets produced offspring, their children’s children, developed further degenerative effects and diseases.

  • Decrease in Body Weight
  • Lowered Bone Calcium
  • Smaller Skull Capacity
  • Reverse Sexual Characteristics 

The third generation of kittens, the cats developed even further degenerative effects and disease.

The effects of nutrition and how what you eat affects the kitten children, and the cat’s future generations.

Source: https://youtu.be/2db6Dh5Q0Mo



Is kibble a cooked diet?


I used to cook my dogs food at home but now raw is much better honestly and easier too

Terror of Terrier

Does this apply for dogs as well?

Judy and Sam

Does this apply to Kibble since kibble is cooked and processed


I did an article on Pottenger’s Cat in college! This experiment was truly eye-opening and also sad when you saw the cats who were fed cooked meats!

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