Top 10 reasons Ferox Pine Litter is better than Clay or Crystals.

Many pet parents in Arizona already know that Ferox ♥️heals thy pet. But what some may not know, is that Ferox is made in the pines of Flagstaff. This area, is well known for their pines, which makes perfect sense that Ferox incorporates pine into the community we have built. In this blog, we will be discussing Ferox’s lastest product for cats and kittens, our own litter brand, along with the top 10 reasons why Ferox Pine Litter is better than clay or crystal cat litter.

1.  Easier to use

When using Ferox’s Pine Litter with our litter box, you will no longer need to scoop. Just lift and sift! Cats on the Ferox diet tend to poop less because the nutrients in Ferox are wayy more bioavailable than cooked diets like kibble. 

2.  Weighs less

Pound for pound, Ferox weighs less than clay and crystal litters, and Ferox pine absorbs more too! This means you are getting more value, and saving your back. 

3.  Less mess

Ferox Pine litter doesn’t stick to your cats paws, leaving a trail of clay litter around your house. Also again, when cleaning the litter box out, when using Ferox’s sifting litter box, you’ll just shake a couple times, and throw the waste in your bin.

4.  Safer

Since Ferox Pine Litter is made from pine, that means this organic litter is safer compared to sharp crystals or “ruff” clay on your cats paws. Protect your cat’s peets with using Ferox Pine Litter.

5.  Organic

More and more, pet parents want organic options for themselves and their pets. Using clay litters does not promote an organic lifestyle, and when you use clay litter or crystal litter, it cannot be recycle. However, using Ferox Pine Litter, you have an organic  substance that can be placed right back into the ground.

6.  Biodegradable

When you choose to discard your Ferox Pine Litter, the waste and pine will naturally go back into the Earth’s soil. This will allow beautiful plants to spring up and grow, creating oxygen and nutrients for you and your children to breathe.

7.  Lasts longer

Ferox Pine Litter even lasts longer in the bedroom, or wherever you choose to place the litter box. This is simply because once the Ferox pine pellets begin to get wet the start to chip off, and the pine pellet itself will still be intact until all of the pine has been used. Compared to clay litter or crystals, once the cat uses the bathroom, the whole crystal is tainted, but then you must sift and you can’t sift some of the crystals or clay, you just have to throw the entire litter away and pour fresh litter inside, wasting precious time and money.

8.  Costs less

Completing a simple search either online or at the store, you'll see a 15lb of clay litter costs upwards of $20. While Ferox Pine Litter only costs $12.

9.  Zero-waste

Ferox Pine Litter is from sustainable and renewable sources, and is not a processed product. This means zero waste was made bringing this product to your doorstep!

10.  Green-friendly

All in all, You can be rest assured that when you use  Ferox Pine Litter, you’re using a green, natural product that does not cause harm to the planet.

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