Ferox Wildlife Foundation

Ferox Wildlife Foundation

The Ferox Wildlife Foundation (“FWF”) is set to educate and work with experts to spread knowledge to the general public on the importance of Arizona wildlife, functions, including structural anatomy, diet, and their natural habitat. FWF is taking a closer look at how diet and environment affects animals within Arizona, and how the animal ecosystem in Arizona naturally operates.

FWF will be creating research on demand when the information is most needed, when requested to clarify information within Arizona Wildlife functions. This includes writing and publishing books, articles, performing scientific research and clinical trials, and report those findings to peer reviewed journals. We do not charge any type of fees, however donations are welcomed.

FEROX Wildlife Foundation


Currently we are in talks with Zoos, Arizona Game & Fish department, USDA, Arizona dept of agriculture, Arizona secondary schools/universities and veterinary institutions at Arizona State University, and laboratories.

We are raising funds for fair and unbiased clinical research, lab work and publications fees for our articles, but also plan to work with doctors, physicians, and veterinarians to conduct clinical trials pro-bono based.

Ferox Wildlife Foundation

We will be spending a majority of our time to help with the awareness of Arizona Wildlife anatomically, and how it works as an ecosystem. 

We have already created educational articles and began conducting preliminary research on Arizona Wildlife and how environment affects the animal’s health and natural habitat. Based on these initial research articles, each week is spent on research and writing articles, and communicating with other experts on our findings.

Ferox Wildlife Foundation

Have any questions about the Ferox Wildlife Foundation? Use our contact form below, and we will get back with you! 


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