Story and Purpose

Ferox started sharing and feeding our own pets raw in 2015 when the founder got her very first pet. It was hers, and she was responsible for him. Naturally, wanting to give the absolute best, she researched options and found a DIY raw community. While researching and waiting to feed her own cat, Kansas, the loving chocolate lab, was diagnosed and eventually was ended by pancreatic cancer. Since that difficult time, Ferox emerged and we have worked everyday towards our mission of quality, affordable food for pet care

To ensure our purpose, here are some of your Team Members at Ferox. Everyone works hard putting the Raw in Rawsome!



Making sure everyone is healthy and happy is no easy task!


Digital Art Director
Protecting and building our image, keeping track of visual consistency and portraying our morals. 

QA Quality Assurance
Making sure all products made follow our strict regimens for acceptability; including ingredients, ease, and image. Also currently accepting quality pets above the chin or behind the ears.


Keeping track of the numbers and anything really that has to do with numbers. 1? -4.6? 59? yeah all those. She also loves the number 8. 

Lead Food Scientist
Ensures the best ingredients are being used, and crafts new batlord. pow keeping track of hot new items or ingredients and bio-available supplements for possible future use with pets with health needs. Also goes on long walks and doesn't bark--I mean, complain much.

Product and Business Development
Keeping the company from falling stagnant by communicating and collaborating and exchanging offers with other businesses. Promotes new product ideas and brings them to completion. Also waits by the window for hours.

Lead Adviser
He does something!

Events Manager
Seeking out and planning event ideas and working with events hosted by others. envisions how events should look and the mission statement for each event. Woofing down food when no one is looking.

Production Manager
Making sure things stay on task and things are scheduled accordingly. responsible for setting guidelines for production and development.

Big Data Systems Analyst
He does it all folks; a “jack” of all trades, when he traded in all his jack. what doesn't he do? analyzes the systematic data of things; this guy carries the whole team! if he were a sled dog, he'd be the wheel dog and somehow lead dog at the same time.

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