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Have a home meal built specifically for your pet! If you prepare home meals for your kitty or doggo, make sure it's close to 100% nutritionally complete with this ferocious service! 

  • Recipe Audit (show you your current recipe analysis)
  • Nutritional Pet Profile (Ferox builds individualized profiles for each unique pet)
  • Ferox Recipe (Together we will create a more complete diet for you to make at home)
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Customer Reviews

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Keto Recipe

My dog needs a Keto diet! I went on sites and made mine own but was not very confident it was clean keto. After researching, I found Ferox on Facebook and sent them a message. Right away they worked with me and gave me the BEST recipe!!!! Thank you so much.


My dogs since 2 years old has been having issues, and mainly kidney problems. I went to the vet, and they switched his diet, but it didn't really work. I went on a trip, and came back, and I really noticed himb losing weight, so I decided to prepare home meals. Since all his medical problems, I really trusted Ferox into making a recipe I can confidently make at home, and know this is whats best for him. So far, he really loves the new recipe, and can't wait to come back with more info soon!

Flagstaff Natural Grocers

So I first found ferox at Natural Grocers event and attended the class because many animals depend on me. I would love to buy from Ferox but I cant afford just because of the sheer volume of dogs I have. Instead they opted to actually give me my own personal reciepe for my Rescue, along with a complete nutritional analysis and break down of all the ingredients, nutrients, ratios, etc. I am very glad I met ferox because now I can safely feed raw at home!