FEROX Sirius Instinct

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A perfect blend of the highest quality raw ingredients for your lovely pup. Ferox Sirius Instinct is composed of  organic locally sourced ingredients, and no fillers, ever. Choose between our Original Formula and our Exotic Formula that you will be proud to serve at home.

Original Formula Ingredients: Arizona Pork Loin, Chicken Breast, Chicken Egg, Organic Spinach, Sardine, Oysters, Calf Liver, Fermented Kale & Cabbage, Raw Goats Milk, Fresh Blueberry, Ferox Bone Broth, Dried Parsley, Sprouted Pumpkin & Sunflower Seed, Turmeric, Nutritional Yeast, Kelp Powder, Eggshell, Vitamin E Oil

Exotic Formula Ingredients: Farm Raised Duck Meat, Whole Ground Rabbit, Egg, Raw Goats Milk, Fermented Kale & Cabbage, Oysters, Sardine, Sprouted Pumpkin & Sunflower Seed, Duck Liver, Rabbit Liver, Rabbit Lung, Dried Parsley, Ferox Bone Broth, Ground Duck Feet, Kelp Powder, Eggshell, Vitamin E Oil

  • Each order quantity = 1/2 pound.
  • Each Ferox 💛 Heart weighs 4.00/oz each chilled. Each 4oz heart feeds "ruffly" each 12lbs of animal! Woof! 36lb dog only needs 3 hearts!
  • Please Note Any Allergen and All Feeding Habits.
  • Available now!

A customer photo, and a review of Sirius Instinct! From Facebook, "My dog Sally was one of the winners of the Ferox pet food giveaway. Sally has been eating the recommended serving size of Ferox dog foods for over two weeks now and she loves it! I highly recommend Ferox dog food to everyone. It’s an affordable raw food for your dog."




Customer Reviews

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Perfect product

"Once you go Ferox, you can never go back!" This food is a godsend, I have tried making my own raw, buying freeze dried, etc etc, THIS IS THE ONLY PRODUCT THAT WORKS FOR MY DOG. Thank you, and delivery is always on time.

Sedona Natural Grocers

I gladly attended the Sedona Natural Grocers and met the owners of Ferox!! I was the first to show up because I drove two hours from Williams and so glad I did. Many people were excited, and I learned so much. I now make the Ferox balanced recipes for my two dogs and one cat at home every week. I brag to all my friends about you guys.

Best raw dog food anywhere

We have used many raw companies in the past, and even made food at home for our 2 german Shepards, and this Ferox food is special. My wife thinks the heart shapes are cute and loves feeding them!

Enlarged Heart

We went to the vet earlier this week, and besides teeth cleaning, my dog now has the possibility of an enlarged heart. This was VERY serious to me, and decided to put Bella on a raw diet. Its been about 10 days on Ferox and she “woofs” it down, and have been noticing a slightly slimmer and more happy pup. Excited to go back to our vet and have them see results from this diet.

Best food for Dogs

This brand has the best for dogs. Even the vets are saying this now in Arizona because Hills, Purina has too many carbs, even the prescription bags of hills and purina are bad for dogs and cats with diabetes. And guess what gave these animals diabetes in the first place!? The food from purina and hills! Its basic science just look at the label and you can see ferox is the best plus they deliver.