FEROX Sirius Instinct

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Heal thy pet. Ferox is pure food designed at the core to be preventative medicine for your pets. Our proprietary fermentation process is unique to restoring a natural gut biome that is the root issue to many chronic issues facing dogs in Arizona. 

We've looked at the competition. And the results are no one else has been able to make a more complete raw-based diet than Ferox. That's because Ferox is the only brand that is Wildly Safe, and made with the PERFECT blend of the highest quality food ingredients found anywhere. We back our raw+fermented recipes are 100% by NRC standards, and the most complete meal your dog will ever eat. 

FEROX Sirius Instinct is composed of organic locally-sourced holistic ingredients, with no fillers, ever! When you buy Ferox, We have an Original Recipe and our NEW! Exotic Recipe that you will be both HONORED and PLEASED to feed at home! 🐕


♥️Arizona Exotic Proteins

♥️ Edible Bone 

♥️ Nutrient-dense Liver & Offals

♥️ Fermented Veggies, Fresh Berries & Sprouted Seeds

♥️ Raw Goat's Milk, Kelp Powder, Fermented Mushrooms + Bone Broth

🐶 Glucosamine And Chondroitin For Healthy Hips And Joints



  • Each order quantity = 32 Ferox Hearts
  • Each Ferox 💛 Heart weighs 4.00/oz each chilled. Each 4oz heart feeds "ruffly" each 12lbs of canine animal! Woof! Ferox suggests a 36lb dog eats 3 hearts (12oz) a day.
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photo by: Miss Yoo Petography
pet model: Moxie



Customer Reviews

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Quality you can trust!

Our Ferox order was beautiful and my dogs couldn’t wait to eat it. My bully stole a duck head right out of the Unleashed box! The yeast on her feet is going away and her hair is growing back. Couldn’t be happier with our purchase.

Other Raw Companies Suck Compared to Ferox

I have a golden retriever, and I started feeding him raw this year. I will not say the name of the other raw company, but it was a little cheaper than Ferox, but here is the difference I experienced, The other raw had plastics inside their food, and my dog ate the food but would barf afterwards. (I actually found a chunk of plastic in his barf) The other raw has a weird ratio of 80% meat 17% veggies , something else and 1% supplements. They called it a "barf" diet and now I know why. Ferox doesn't go by ratio diets, and they food is 100% perfect by NRC standards, not by AAFCO standards which are low an inadequate. Ferox also has real food and doesn't add supplements to make it complete. Lastly, when my Golden eats Ferox, he doesn't barf, he actually comes up to me after and thanks me by letting me pet him as he wags his tail. Their food is a little pricey, but you can't put a price on cheap raw.

Perfect product

"Once you go Ferox, you can never go back!" This food is a godsend, I have tried making my own raw, buying freeze dried, etc etc, THIS IS THE ONLY PRODUCT THAT WORKS FOR MY DOG. Thank you, and delivery is always on time.

Sedona Natural Grocers

I gladly attended the Sedona Natural Grocers and met the owners of Ferox!! I was the first to show up because I drove two hours from Williams and so glad I did. Many people were excited, and I learned so much. I now make the Ferox balanced recipes for my two dogs and one cat at home every week. I brag to all my friends about you guys.

Best raw dog food anywhere

We have used many raw companies in the past, and even made food at home for our 2 german Shepards, and this Ferox food is special. My wife thinks the heart shapes are cute and loves feeding them!

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