FEROX Unleashed BOX!

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The ULTIMATE start to raw! The Unleashed BOX from FEROX! A seasonal arrangement of the best items, delivered straight to your door! Choose between the Unleashed BOX for doggos or cats! Rawr!! 

Each Unleashed BOX! comes with a 1 pound of FEROX’s raw+fermented hearts, plus an assortment of treats, toys, beta items that are unreleased, 8oz raw goat's milk, exclusive recipes, and more! After, you can decide whether to order the Unleashed BOX for the next season, or just order what you liked!


  • Designed for an intro to Raw Feeding
  • Allows you to receive new exciting items
  • Short commitment, Big value!
  • Your pet will bring out their... ferocious side
  • Great as a gift

Customer Reviews

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Perfect for the Holidays

Just pre-ordered this to be delivered to my mom and her dog on December 22nd! She is going to be so stoked! When I first saw this, I knew my shopping list for my mom was going to be THAT much easier.

First Box

So I was one of the FIRST to receive the Ferox Unleashed Box and can say I am pretty impressed with the value and the packaging. My pup Bella got to sample a pound of Ferox, Rabbit Chews, Raw Goat’s Milk, A stylish bandanna and more! My pup really loved everything in the box. Recommend to anyone looking to start feeding raw!