FEROX Savannah Instinct
FEROX Savannah Instinct
FEROX Savannah Instinct
FEROX Savannah Instinct
FEROX Savannah Instinct

FEROX Savannah Instinct

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Heal thy pet. Ferox is pure food designed at the core to be preventative medicine for your pets. Our proprietary fermentation process is unique to restoring a natural gut biome that is the root issue to many chronic issues facing cats in Arizona. 

We've look at the competition. And the results are no one else has been able to make a more complete raw-based diet than Ferox. That's because Ferox is the only brand that is Wildly Safe, and made with the PERFECT blend of the highest quality food ingredients found anywhere. We back our raw+fermented recipes are 100% by NRC standards, and the most complete meal your dog will ever eat. 

FEROX Savannah Instinct is composed of organic locally-sourced holistic ingredients, with no fillers, ever! When you buy Ferox, We have an Original Recipe and our NEW! Exotic Recipe that you will be both HONORED and PLEASED to feed at home! 🐈

♥️ Arizona Exotic Proteins 

♥️ Edible Bone

♥️ Nutrient-dense Liver & Offals 

♥️ Fermented Raw Goat's Milk, Turmeric, Oysters and Organic Catnip

🥇 Well Exceeding AAFCO standards


  • Order quantity =  15 Hearts for 15 days of feeding 1 (One) Cat.
  • or 8lbs 32 Ferox Hearts for 1 month of feeding 1 (One) Cat.
  • Each Ferox 💛 Heart weighs 4.00/oz each chilled. Ferox suggest each 4oz Ferox heart feeds "ruffly" each 10lbs of feline.
  • Larger cats may require 2 hearts per day!
  • Available now!
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FEROX Savannah Instinct
FEROX Savannah Instinct
FEROX Savannah Instinct

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Stomatitis improving

The food is well packaged and frozen at arrival. My cat likes it. She seems to like the rabbit/duck better though. Since my cat has stomatitis , I have to run my fingers through the food to make sure there are no sharp bones or chunks of bone in it that may be too big for her to handle. I just take those bit out. Her appetite is good now and she seems to be doing well on this diet. She has not reverted back to hiding at meal time and is acting much more like herself again. Her mouth is not completely better yet, but she is improving. Now my problem is, some of my other cats want to eat her food too. I was wondering though, if you would be able to offer other different protein combinations in the future. Perhaps chicken/duck and chicken/rabbit. I'm not a fan of pork for my cats. Can you do special requests of that sort? Other than that, I am very satisfied with the product. I would give it a 4.5 star rating. Thank you for your high quality product.

Ferox = Godsend

This company is the ONLY company with the quality, care and integrity that is worth feeding my pets. Yes I used to feed wet food, however, after researching raw diets and finding Ferox online, it makes perfect sense. Also, compared to wet food I was buying, Ferox is actually less expensive!! I was buying Fancy Feast and sometimes Friskies, these are about $1 to $2 a can and you have to feed 2 -3 cans a day for a normal cat. Ferox is only about $2 a day, so Ferox is half as expensive but 10x the quality. 100 stars.

Didn't Work for Us

I strongly believe Ferox might be great for some pets, but our pets just didn't go for it.

Way more Value

I have two cats and before I would spend about $4 a day on kibble and wet foods. But then I found Ferox in Scottsdale and was wanting to switch to raw but didnt know exactly how to prepare at home, but again I was happy because it only costs me $3 a day to feed raw for two cats, which is $1 cheaper than commercial cat foods I was buying before. So my choice was spend $1 more and get a processed product or save $1 and get a product that is leaps and bounds better for my cats plus supporting local farms. Its a triple win for us.

great product!

My cats really love Savannah Instinct and I really enjoy feeding my cats real ingredients.

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