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A perfect blend of the highest quality raw ingredients for your adoring kitty cat. Ferox Savannah Instinct is composed of organic locally sourced ingredients, and no fillers, ever. Choose between our Original Formula and our Exotic Formula that you will be proud to serve at home.

Original Formula Ingredients: Arizona All-natural Pork Lion, Chicken Breast,  Chicken Liver, Raw Goats Milk, Oyster, Sardine, Chicken Egg, Turmeric, Calf Liver, Ferox Bone Broth, Dried Parsley, Kelp Powder, Eggshell, Vitamin E Oil

Exotic Formula Ingredients: Organic Arizona Duck Meat, Whole Ground Rabbit, Chicken Egg, Duck Gizzard, Oyster, Sardine, Raw Goats Milk, Spinach, Turmeric, Duck Liver, Rabbit Liver, Rabbit Lung, Dried Parsley, Kelp Powder, Eggshell, Vitamin E Oil

  • Each order quantity =  1/2 pound.
  • Each Ferox 💛 Heart weighs 4.00/oz each chilled. Each 4oz heart feeds "ruffly" each 10lbs of animal! Meow! 20lb cat only needs 2 hearts!
  • Please Note Any Allergens and All Feeding Habits.
  • Available now!

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A customer photo, and a review of Savannah Instinct! On Facebook, "We order from Ferox once a month. I have been using Ferox for six months now, and I am so much happier that I found this local company!"


Customer Reviews

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Ferox = Godsend

This company is the ONLY company with the quality, care and integrity that is worth feeding my pets. Yes I used to feed wet food, however, after researching raw diets and finding Ferox online, it makes perfect sense. Also, compared to wet food I was buying, Ferox is actually less expensive!! I was buying Fancy Feast and sometimes Friskies, these are about $1 to $2 a can and you have to feed 2 -3 cans a day for a normal cat. Ferox is only about $2 a day, so Ferox is half as expensive but 10x the quality. 100 stars.

Didn't Work for Us

I strongly believe Ferox might be great for some pets, but our pets just didn't go for it.

Way more Value

I have two cats and before I would spend about $4 a day on kibble and wet foods. But then I found Ferox in Scottsdale and was wanting to switch to raw but didnt know exactly how to prepare at home, but again I was happy because it only costs me $3 a day to feed raw for two cats, which is $1 cheaper than commercial cat foods I was buying before. So my choice was spend $1 more and get a processed product or save $1 and get a product that is leaps and bounds better for my cats plus supporting local farms. Its a triple win for us.

great product!

My cats really love Savannah Instinct and I really enjoy feeding my cats real ingredients.

Lets do this

the cat food is the best my cats love it and i love the ingredients my cats always love me when I tear the bag with ferox very nice and they deliver thank you