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FEROX Organic Raw and Dehydrated Treats

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Feeding raw is a special bond, and you want to reward your pet for a job well done. Now you can feed the hungriest pets a locally sourced, organic rabbit FurChews, duck feet and duck heads, great for teething puppies , or a natural chew! Be bold, and feed Ferox.

  • Rabbit Furchews are dehydrated Rabbit skins, arms or feets. The fur on these treats can be eaten by your cat or dog, and the fur is designed to "sweep" out any debris or toxins in your pets body!
  • Duck feet are tougher chews, but have organic sources of Glucosamine and Chondriton.
  • Our Duck heads, are the ultimate treat for larger pets. Not for the faint of heart, but a true ancestral diet.
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Customer Reviews

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Rabbit Ears

We use the Rabbit Ears as a training treat, and our little terrier loves them SO much! Ferox also suggested techniques to train including using a clicker and basic hand prompts. Very happy we feed Ferox diet and treats.

Wow Whole Duck or Rabbit in Arizona

We have three 90+ pound dogs, so feeding whole prey and supplementing is preferred for us, and because of the ease and simplicity of feeding. The price works well for us, especially when Ferox has their flash sales! When we first ordered, we liked how the packaging was, the whole duck was vacuumed sealed, and came without the head or feet and weighed fairly hefty. The site says 5 lbs, which sounds about right to us. Looking forward to ordering more next month.

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