FEROX Raw Goat's Milk

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This is what nature has created, to feed babies!  Ferox sources it's Raw Goat's Milk from local farms in Flagstaff. FEROX Raw Goat's Milk is nutrient-dense, more so than any other product, having over 200 probiotics. Also, a natural histamine blocker, destroys yeast, with many, many other benefits. 

🥛 Raw Goat's Milk

🧬 Over 200 Probiotics

👊🏻 Histamine Blocker

😻 Natural Taurine Source

🌎 100% Bio-Available Nutrients

🚀 Boosts Immune Systems

FEROX Raw Goat's Milk aids digestion, as it helps pets obtain their daily need for moisture. Both dogs and cats bodies are about 65% moisture and unlike humans, pets are designed to obtain the majority of their water from food. By adding raw goat's milk (79% moisture) to your pet's kibble or wet-food, they will be gaining moisture and the benefits from 100% bio-available nutrients.


FEROX Raw Goat's Milk is sold frozen and shall be stored in the freezer prior to use. Containers should be placed in the refrigerator to defrost 24 hours prior to using. Raw Goat's Milk will settle between uses. Shake well prior to feeding. Ferox Raw Goat's Milk will last 9 days after being thawed or 1 year frozen.


Customer Reviews

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My pets lick it a lot

I have a house of animals, and I also have cats, dogs, and reptiles! But seriously, Ferox nailed it with this product.

Fabulous Food. Fabulous People.

I am in love with Ferox. The owners are committed, passionate people who have dedicated themselves to creating a fantastic product for my dogs. I live in Arizona so I appreciate that it's local, it's nutritious, and goat milk? Of course my dogs love it.


My pup WOULD NOT eat, and when she did it was sooo slow. I was started to get really worried. I decided to put her on a Raw Goat’s Milk diet, to speed up and repair her system from years of kibble and processed foods. Well it’s been 30 days, and I can say that Lucy is BACK TO HER YOUNG SELF AGAIN. The milk really aided in her recovery. I feed her only the milk for 2 weeks straight. After such, started to introduce healthy raw foods. This diet Ferox recommended truly saved our family.

I can't give an opinion.

I'm sure it was great but they both shattered in the freezer door after an hour so I was never able to give it to our pup. However, the people that delivered it were awesome.


my cats love raw goats milk and i Love watching them lick it bc I know its so healthy and organic for them!